Flourish by Grace + Merriment offers a service that allows you to get the very most out of your event florals.  

As an Event Planner that has worked in the wedding and event industry, event florals are a common theme for table centerpieces and event decor.  Flowers add a touch of fresh, fragrant, beauty to any event. What happens to them afterwards? 

Flourish was created as a way for your event florals to be enjoyed long after the event! Flourish offers two services that allow your florals to live on. 

The Flourish Flower Bar

Repurpose your event florals by sending them home as wedding favors with your guests! They will love enjoying them days after your wedding and will keep the memories fresh in their minds all week! 

HOW IT WORKS: We show up an hour or so before your scheduled leave or exit.  With a little bit of  smoke and mirrors we slowly and quietly gather your floral arrangements, arrange them into perfect posies and wrap them in floral paper, and display them on our flower bar to hand out to your guests as they walk out! 

Package includes my services to personally come and repurpose your floral arrangements into appropriately sized posies, set-up flower bar and hand them out to your guests as they leave.  We will work with your wedding theme and design so that the flower bar fits your needs, or browse some of our flower bar inspirations!

Flowers Give Back

This is my passion project!  Let your flowers flourish again by donating them to a hospice center for patients and loved ones to enjoy!

HOW IT WORKS: I dismantle and gather viable blooms at the end of your event, nurture them and keep them fresh overnight to deliver to a local hospice center the next day!  The best part is that your flowers will be hand delivered to each patient and each will come with a custom card noting where the floral arrangement came from.  You can even provide a custom message or one of our options below on the card.  

Package includes my services to personally come and gather florals, repurpose into appropriately sized arrangements, clear glass containers, personal delivery with custom card.  

Enjoy + Give! 

Do a little of both! The best of both worlds! I'll set aside 5-10 arrangements to donate and send the rest home with your guests. 

Contact me today to discuss pricing and custom packages tailored to your event details and budget requirements.




Join me when I deliver floral arrangements to local hospice centers! It is such a rewarding experience.  Contact me above if you are interested and I'll add you to my volunteer list where you can receive e-mail updates on volunteer dates and times!

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