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Newly engaged? Congratulations! You can't stop staring at that sparkler on your left hand and your mind is whizzing of everything you are going to have to plan over the course of your engagement!

Where do you start? What's first? Well, really probably a multitude of things all at one time. :) I'll give you a few tips and tricks as to what to do first, and in my book your first step is...

1. Spend time with your new fiancé just you and him for a few hours before you tell anyone (if there isn't anyone else present at your proposal). If so, thank everyone who helped in the proposal or celebrated with you, and got you engagement gifts! You will feel in such a hurry, but YOU make your own timeline and sometimes the little things get lost in the hustle. THANK PEOPLE. A thank you note can go a long way, especially with me. Take the time for the handwritten thank you note.

2. Talk with your fiancé about some wedding plans, he may say things like "it's your day babe, you decide!" and that's fine...but don't forget to keep him included in all decisions and let him help you make some choices, food, band/DJ, drink choices, locations, etc. Don't bother him with decor, he really won't care about that as long as it's tasteful. ;)

3. The first planning step I made was calling my wedding planner, Amanda Reed with

Bates~Reed Brides! Amanda just so happens to be a good friend and colleague ;) so I am lucky! Unless you are the most pinterest savvy DIY, multi-tasker that anyone has ever seen, hire a wedding planner! If you are in Northwest Arkansas, I know an amazing one, but I may be just a wee bit biased ;). I've seen her work a hundred times and the way she truly cares about her brides, grooms, and both of their families is inspiring. Her eye for detail is unmatched.

If you work full-time, or if even the slightest tasks stresses you out, you will NEVER regret hiring a planner. Make them your first call.

I'll be blogging throughout my planning process so Amanda's name is sure to come up every time. :)

4. Choosing a date. This is tricky, but there IS a magical date out there just for you, that works for everyone, and is also available to all of the most coveted wedding vendors that you want! Talk with you fiancé families, friends, etc. (especially if a few of your other friends are engaged).

Choose 3-4 date options. Don't commit to one date right away.

Once you have chosen a few date options, cross match them with:

1. Your wedding planner

2. Your wedding photographer

3. Your ceremony and reception locations.

Those were my top three most important choices on choosing Collin and I's wedding date.

Knock those three out and you can take a deep breathe. Of course that's not all... I've provided a handy helpful timeline planner straight from the planners brain! Enjoy and happy planning!

Gracefully Yours,

Stephanie Grace Harvey

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