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I am so excited to annouce that I am starting a lifestyle blog! This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but didn't posses the skills or the time necessary to create one at the time. I am now prepared to create what I hope will one day be a sucessfull blog! I've come up with a little Q & A to give you some insight as to why I am starting a blog and what the heck I will be writing about. Enjoy!

What attracted you to the idea of starting your own blog?

-Many people have been blogging for years, before half of us even knew what a blog was. I was hesitant at first because sometimes it's scary thinking that whatever you post will be out there and available for anyone and everyone to see. However, when my career as an Event Planner started three years ago, I slowly learned just how public that our type of business is. In order to avoid the novel Facebook and Instagram posts and to begin marketing myself and branding myself for the future, the blog became an idea and that idea is now a reality!

How did you choose your blog's name?

-This was a fun one, and if you know me well you'll get the humor in the first word of the title "gracefully". My middle name is Grace, as was my mothers and my maternal grandmothers. It is a family name, it means a lot to to me, and is always a constant reminder to show grace to others even in the most trying of situations. Now for the funny part, I am not graceful whatsoever. I spill almost everything, drop my phone 5 times a day, trip over myself, and the list goes on! I chose my first name for the second word of the title since I am creating a lifestyle blog (and since my last name will be changing in less than 6 months ,eek!). Thus, Gracefully Stephanie was born.

How many posts do you plan on blogging?

-My goal for now is at least once a week, but I am already loving it so much... who knows! A post once a day is my long term goal.

What do you plan to blog about?

-I plan to blog about anything that fits under the subject of lifestyle. Which really means to me that the door is wide open! Because of the type of person I am, what I learned about in school, and the nature of my job, I have information about a wide variety of topics that run a mile wide and an inch deep. What you might say is a jack of all trades and a master at none, but I like to think I am becoming a master in event planning. :) The content of my lifestyle blog can run anywhere from weddings, bridal, and event planning, to faith, food, and home decor.

If you plan on following along in my blogging journey I hope I can surpise you and inspire you!

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