Our Love Story

Collin and I met in our college algebra class in January of 2012 at the University of Arkansas. We sat right next to each other in class and we ended up in the same project group! We exchanged numbers for the group project purposes and we were just classmates for the first few months of class.

{Collin and I revisiting the exact classroom where we met almost four years ago}

It wasn’t until he asked me to go to his fraternity’s function that weekend that the idea of becoming more than classmates came alive! We had a blast at the function and starting dating immediately after. Less than a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend on the back of a riverboat in St. Louis at his fraternity’s formal!

{My, oh my have we grown up quite a bit in the past 4 years}

Little did I know that three and a half years later Collin would propose to me on the back of another boat, this time asking me to MARRY him! I of course said yes! .... and so the adventure begins!

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