Steph and Judy Take...Barcelona, Spain!

I hope you all enjoyed my travel blog post last week, which launched my travel series! I plan to post a blog about each day of our trip. Today, I’ll be talking about Barcelona, Spain!

The cruise that we booked was scheduled to depart out of the Barcelona port on Sunday, July 12th. We decided to fly in a few days early so that we had plenty of time to explore the beautiful city of Barcelona. We departed out of DFW on Thursday morning, connected in Charlotte and left Charlotte for Barcelona, Spain at around 5:00pm. Due to the time change (Barcelona is 7 hours ahead of our time zone), we landed at 7:00am on Friday, July 10th. I have a slight fear of flying (especially over large bodies of water!) so needless to say I slept horribly on the plane, while my mother-slept great! Regardless we were both exhausted when we got in. We were so excited to be there and didn’t want to waste the day sleeping but we just had to get a little catnap in.

We stayed at the Alexandra Barcelona. It was a great hotel! The staff was wonderful and helpful and let us check-in early since we got in at around 8:00am.

(Photos from Alexandra Barcelona Hilton Website)

Here is a funny picture of me in the elevator! They were so tiny! (but very cute and functional) We had to send our luggage up on it’s own and meet it up there because we couldn’t all fit! Lol!

It was the perfect hotel right in the city and in close walking distance to the famous Las Ramblas Street. My mom and I walked pretty much everywhere the first day.

We slept quite a while when we got in, so much that when we woke up around lunch time we were in a tizzy to get up and get going! We showered, got dressed, and headed out to find some much needed coffee and sustenance. Little did we know that almost everything closes down in the afternoon, and then opens back up later. Almost everyone in Europe works in the morning and through lunch, then they take a break in the afternoon, and then they open back up for dinner... and they have LATE dinners. Lol! So as we finally got out for the day, the streets were somewhat oddly deserted, we found the cutest coffee shop and bakery called Mauri. It was such a beautiful bakery and the sweets were mouthwatering!

We then wandered around Barcelona aimlessly for a while until our tour for the Picasso Museum started. As we were wandering around we stumbled across this candy shop called Happy Pills! It was a candy pharmacy dispensary if you will. It was so cute and we had fun picking out candies as fun little gifts to bring back to friends. Then we headed to the Picasso Museum. We don’t have many pictures from the museum, as they do not allow cameras. The art was very interesting! Especially some of his works that included nudity! We had enough time to drop through the Las Ramblas Market before it closed. The market offered rows and rows of fresh fruit, meat and all sorts of local goods.

Gaudi is EVERYWHERE in Barcelona. His work is absolutely STUNNING. I felt like the entire trip I was falling all over myself because I was too concerned with looking at what was all around my and above me to be looking where I was walking. I will have more to share on Gaudi in my next post.

It was a LONG day with lots of walking especially because we hadn’t quite figured out the transportation yet. When we got back home we showered and had dinner in the hotel and talked about our day. Before I even got in the shower I had to wash my feet and massage them! Haha! Not a good sign for the first day, we had a lot of walking ahead of us. :)

With one more day in Barcelona on our agenda for the next day, my next post will be about all the activities we did on our second day in Barcelona. Including how we mastered the transportation system and how we jam-packed all that Barcelona has to offer in one full day!

Gracefully Yours,

Stephanie Grace Harvey

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