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It’s been a while since my last post; I’ve been pretty busy! My mother and I threw my best friend and Maid of Honor, Logan Eller (now Logan Meeks! eeek!), a bridal shower, I took a quick trip to Oklahoma City to throw her a lingerie shower and in between commuted a few times to Dallas to spend time with my fiancé. Whew!

Just this past weekend I had the honor of standing next to Logan as her maid of honor as she married her Marine man, Nathan Meeks. I can’t wait to share more about my trip to San Diego and Logan and Nathan’s beautiful wedding. It was the most beautiful wedding in every way. Logan and Nathan’s love is beautiful, the setting was beautiful, the weather was amazing, and the list goes on and on!

It’s hard to continue with my travel series when all I want to do is go back and re-live her wedding! Ugh, just so beautiful, EVERYTHING. Seriously cannot wait to relive the day through her wedding photos!

Well if you can’t remember my last post or you are just tagging along my blog for the first time go back and read my first two travel posts if you’d like. You can read my first post about our travel prep here, and my second post about our first day in Barcelona here.

Well my mom and I woke up in Barcelona, Spain on Saturday, July 11th! We were a little disoriented, and I’ll admit I woke up at one point and didn’t know where I was! We were so tired from traveling and exploring all day, but we had another big day ahead of us and we were excited to get back out and explore the city some more.

The day before we made sure to buy our tickets online for the places we wanted to go see today. This was so important to do as both places can sell out of tickets. We would have hated to have traveled all the way to Barcelona, Spain and only get to see the exteriors of some of these amazing places! We also bought two bus passes; it was seriously the best way to get around town. It was a tour bus but it hits all the major points with little traffic and you can sit up on the top of the double decker and enjoy a nice breeze and great views!

We got up early and grabbed breakfast at the hotel. Don’t we look tired??

Then we headed out for the day. One of the greatest things I learned on this trip was how to read a map successfully and gain a sense of direction without a compass. Seems easy right? Well when you are in an unfamiliar area and your phone doesn’t work you find out just how good your sense of direction is!

Luckily, Google maps has this AWESOME option where you can save certain areas on your maps as an offline map, this way I was able to access certain maps that I had saved when I didn’t have service or Wi-Fi. Brilliant.

So, we managed to find our way to the correct bus stop and hop on at the required time to get us to Park Güell! Park Güell is one of the many amazing works of Antoni Gaudí. Y’all…. his works are AMAZINGLY beautiful! I’m a big fan of unique architecture and Gaudí had it y’all. Here are some of our pictures from the beautiful park.

Afterward, we stopped at this cute fruit stand and picked up some yummy fruit popsicles. They were so good we had two! After spending a few beautiful hours in the park, we hopped on the bus and headed to The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, or for short, the Sagrada Família. This beautiful, intricately designed, still a work in progress, MASSIVE, and magnificent church almost brought me to tears. What was every more amazing to me is the history behind this beautiful piece of architecture. How Gaudí poured his heart and life into this church and it’s vision. What I love the most? That every time the torch gets dropped with this project, someone picks it back up to finish out his plans for how the church would look. It’s not expected to be finished until sometime around 2030 I want to say.

My pictures don’t do it near the justice it deserved but here are some shots of the beauty I tried to capture.

We were also able to go up and visit one of the towers of the church. We were so high up we could see for miles!

Check out more about the church and it’s history >>>here<<<.

We were pretty pooped after the Sagrada so we grabbed a pick me up and got back on the tour bus and hopped off near the inner city and decided to venture down and test out the local Metro transportation. We took a subway to the Arc de Triomf. The Arc de Triomf is another beautiful piece of Barcelona architecture.

From there we walked to Las Ramblas, a famous landmark in Barcelona. This road leads to what is considered the city center. The street is lined with cute little flower shops, newspaper stands, fresh markets, and boutiques. Las Ramblas is a great place to get a feel for the culture in Barcelona but it is also a large tourist area.

After we explored Las Ramblas for a few hours we headed back to the hotel to shower and change and we made reservation to eat at this restaurant called Contempo. We enjoyed the food here and especially the sangria.

After dinner we walked to the square and watched a beautiful light and fountain show and then headed back to the hotel and CRASHED.

On my next travel series I’ll share with you the next adventure on our amazing trip!

Gracefully Yours,

Stephanie Grace Harvey

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