The Beautiful Villages of Cinque Terre

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So excited to share the next adventure on my mom and I's European journey last summer! In my last blog I shared our day trip into Aix-en-Provence, France. Tonight I'll be sharing our amazing adventure to Cinque Terre in Italy!

We cruised overnight from France to Italy on Royal Carribbean's Allure of the Seas. It feels so weird to type, "We cruised overnight from France to Italy" - how many times in your life do you find youself saying that?!

New day, new country, new places to visit! We were up and at 'em and out early! We docked in the port of La Spezia, then hopped on a bus to travel into Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre (meaning The Five Lands) is a string of historic seaside villages on the Northern Italian coastline.






I fell in and out of sleep on the bus ride there, (shame on me!) I was so tired. We were starting the downhill of our trip and I was feeling it! I do remember listening to the beautiful Italian accent that our tour guide had. She rolled all of her R's and I seriously remember trying to hard to roll my R's like her on the trip back lol!

We arrived at the most Southern village of Riomaggiore. We drove to the village and had to park just outside the village and walk into the actual village. Because of Cinque Terre's unique geographic location, the road in the villages are tight and narrow and very few people drive in!

We walked down through Riomaggiore and explored on the way down.

One thing we noticed as soon as we set foot in the Italian villages were the size of the lemons! Holy moly! They were seriously the size of softballs!

We boarded a boat that took us to the most Northern village of Monterosso. We enjoyed this village as this is where we had lunch and I had my very frist authentic slice of pizza! (I say slice but the picture says it all!) They had a ton of the cutest little shops, needless to say our packs were feeling very heavy this day. :) I snagged the most adorable italian dress made right there in the village.

I came across this sticker on on of the side streets we walked down and I wanted to remember this sticker. It reads, "Make mistakes". I loved it! In a profession where flawless execution is practically the job title, I enjoyed the refreshing message this was sending me. In that moment I decided to worry a little less and live a little more, I'm still working on it but I'm getting there. :)

I have a thing for architecture, and oh my my when we came upon this black and white striped church I couldn't pull myself away! It was so beautiful and I just loved the uniqueness of it's character.

We then boarded another boat and headed to Vernazza. This village was busy! We enjoyed some authentic Italian gelato in the village (so good we went back for more!) and enjoyed the seaside breeze in this village.

We then took a train out of this village and headed back to the bus. It had been a long day! We were able to explore three of the five villages and mavel at their beauty from the sea.

If you are planning a trip to Italy this is a must-see destination! We headed back to the ship, enjoyed a great dinner watching the sun set and enjoyed the cruise ship. Look for my next post to find out where we wake up next!

Gracefully Yours,

Stephanie Grace Harvey

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