We are happy, sad, scared, nervous, but mostly EXCITED to announce that we will be moving to the Dallas area!

Collin's job is taking us on an exciting journey. This is quite a bittersweet moment as our love for Fayetteville runs deep. Collin was born and raised right here in Fayetteville, Arkansas, it's where we both graduated college, it's where we both met each other and it's where we will get married this June. Not to mention the amazing friends and family we have here!

I am sad to be leaving Bates Events and all of the amazing clients and vendor contacts I have made here but feel at peace knowing that I will be leaving the company on good terms. I've made the most amazing friends in this industry and have learned so much over the past four years, I never imagined this ending so soon! This was my first real job in the industry and I've loved every minute of it!

Collin and I have been in a long-distance relationship since his transfer went into effect in January and we are SO very ready to be reunited again! It has been the most challenging, tiring, exciting, and stressful experience thus far and we know we still have quite the journey to go. Collin and I are feeling a multitude of emotions but we are thankful that, overall, regardless of how many miles have been between us these past few months, this experience has brought us closer together and we have learned SO much about each other during this process.

We just cannot thank our friends and families enough for all of their support over these past few months as we prepare for the transition. Your true friendships really show when your life takes an unexpected curve and I am so SO thankful for our friends and family that have been there for us! Especially those girlfriends that have let me call them in tears when I felt like I couldn't do it, or when the stresses of planning a wedding, continuing to give my current job 100%, looking for a new job, looking for a new place to live, and adjusting to a new marriage, a new city, and a new job all felt like too much! I am so thankful to both of our families that helped us keep our feet on the ground when we felt like our worlds were spinning.

I'm thankful for an AMAZING fiance that will soon be my husband. I fall in love with him more everyday and he has been such a strong and mature man during this entire process. I am bursting with pride that he is my fiance. He has been my rock! We've laughed and we've cried throughout this journey and we know more giggles and tears are ahead. I am so thankful that this journey has brought us closer together when it could have very easily pushed us apart.

It won't be easy...but we are excited to see what God has in store for us in Texas!

Stay tuned to see what is next on our journey! We ask for prayers that we will find peace about the decision we are making, prayers that God will help us to find a home and prayers that I can find a job that is as fulfilling to me as the one I will be leaving behind. We ask for prayers for guidance as we start a new marriage in a new town.

We are at peace that this is God's will, and we trust his plan!

Watch out Texas, the future Benton's are comin' for ya!

Gracefully yours,

Stephanie Grace Harvey

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