Doggy Door Dilemma

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! My husband Collin and I are still getting settled into our new home in Rowlett, TX (just outside of Dallas, TX!). So on the weekends that we aren't traveling or seeing friends, we are working on the home or enjoying exploring the new area we call home.

We've got a precious spoiled black lab, Remi. We sort of adopted/rescued her if you will and she is the best thing that's ever happened to us! That being said, here pretty soon I'll be starting a new job and can no longer spend my days at home hanging out with Remi. With us both having a 30 minute commute to work, coming home for lunch isn't really an option and we will both leave late and get home late due to traffic! ugh, but I guess thats life living in the DFW metroplex!

So before I start work we have a few weeks to train our pup on freedom in the home (yikes!) and what I consider a homeowner nightmare, the doggy door. Now, I say nightmare for a homeowner because if you ever plan to sell you home one day, chances are that some buyers don't care for or want a doggy door. We wanted a way to sell the home in future years with no trace of a doggy door. Below is a picture of our original back door. Isn't it lovely? We loved the plantation shutters that came with the house and the window door!

Since we have a brick home, going through the wall was not a cost-effective or aesthetic option. We looked at storm doors at Lowe's and Home Depot and they were fine, but not as pretty as the door we have and why get two doors when you only need one? Buying an entire new door is costly and a lot of work. Sure putting on a new door might sound easy but matching up the hinges, getting the angles right and making sure the weathering strips all work out - ugh no fun!

SO after some research on the web I came across this amazing doggy door heaven of a place called Doors 4 Pets and People. They did not disappoint. We saw that they had a showroom here in Coppell, TX, just a short car ride away. So Saturday morning we got up and headed to the showroom. We looked at a wide variety of options and talked with a sales specialist who gave us options and pricing on the spot. The greatest thing was that they had what we needed in stock in the back and we walked out with an option. We didn't have to order one in or pay for shipping or wait weeks for it to come in. The solution was right there! Turns out they made the door windows we have in a standard size. This company has the entire door window in stock at the store and the pet door is already installed in the glass. The best part? When we removed our original door window, we wrapped it up and have it stored in the attic for when we are ready to sell. It will be like the pet door was never there!

We started by removing our plantation shutters. Then by carefully unscrewing the window frame we popped out the glass window. Collin did most of the work but it's definitely a two person job so that your window doesn't fall out the other side of the door!

We had some fun while we had a giant hole in the door! :)

Ok Remi was so confused as to what the heck we were doing. So we finally put in the new window. We started by unscrewing the new frame and then we matched up the outside frame and glass with the hole in the door and attached the inner from on the other side. Screw in and Voila!

Isn't my husband awesome?? I love how handy he is and he is so patient with me :)

Here is the finished product!

We are loving it and so is Remi! If you are training your dog on a door, some tips I'd recommend!

-Start with the pet door flap off so that you just have a hole in the door, once they master this, then introduce the flap.

-Use treats/food/praise.

-They are smart y'all -- just give them some time to figure it out.

-Still do your normal bathroom routine that you would do if you open the door to let them out, except make them use the dog door. That way they know to use the door to go outside for such business. :)

If you are like us and have always had your dog kenneled while you are gone, chances are freedom for long periods of time without mom or dad is exciting! In order to maintain good behavior, don't give your pet any ideas! Close your bedroom doors and other room doors in your home. Put your trash can away/out of sight. Don't leave food/chocolate/candy/pills in a spot your dog can reach. Put up or gate anything that you don't want to accidentally get eaten, chewed, knocked over, etc. JUST INCASE.

Start with a small trip to get dinner, or go grocery shopping so they are only left for a short period of time before you return. Remember, this might be very new for your dog and they aren't sure how to handle it! Give them time and before you know it they will love the freedom and you will too.

If you have any questions about or experience, the store or the easy install don't hesitate to contact me on my contact page HERE!

I hope that everyone and their fur babies have a great week!


++Stephanie Benton

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