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I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Collin and I feel more settled in the new house everyday! We enjoyed opening and unpacking all the amazing gifts that were given to us during our wedding. I'm excited to share my top registry picks with you all as well as tips for managing your registries if you are engaged or know an engagement is in the future!

There are so many registry options out there these days, which is nice, but it can also be overwhelming. Everyone will have their own opinion and taste in registries but I've listed the top registries here and below the list of places that Collin and I registered!

TOP REGISTRIES (as rated by

Bed, Bath & Beyond.







Crate & Barrel.



Pottery Barn

Bed Bath and Beyond




Make sure you know what you are getting into when choosing stores to register at. Browse their items and check out their registry site. Will they provide you with a thank you list when your event is completed? Is their registry site easy to access? How do they handle registry returns? These are SO important. You won't realize it when you are scanning away but you will when you are having to return a gift that was damaged in the mail or came as the wrong gift, or if you were gifted something not on your registry and you'd like to exchange for store credit. Managing a wedding registry isn't easy, so make sure you register with a place that will help to make the process easier, not harder!


Don't want to go the traditional route? Then don't! If you already have kitchen and serving pieces that you like then register for something that you and your future husband really need or would enjoy. If it's hiking and camping equipment, then register for it! This tip also goes for when you are in the store registering, just go for it! Don't worry about the price or whether you need it or not, If you both like it, then put it on there.


Like I said before, don't think just register. You'll want plenty of items for your guests to choose from so give them a wide variety and plenty of items! You can always continue to add throughout your engagement. Remember that people will want to get you something that you like and they like, everyone wants to give an awesome gift! So give them plenty to choose from. :)


I know that it can be overwhelming when you get engaged with so much to do, but try to make registering a priority. Some people may want to send you engagement gifts! Plus, if you get them started early you can always add and remove items over time to really refine your taste!


Take your fiancé to at least one place to register, he may not care about the kitchen items or fine china or dinnerware but he has no idea about registering, there are plenty of items at these stores that he would love too. Also think about registering somewhere with great tools should you decide to have a couples shower. Collin registered at Sear's for ours couples shower and was gifted some very nice tools!

TIP: If you create your wedding website through The Knot you can add your wedding registries. They will donate to your selected charity each time someone buys a gift using your registry or wedding website!

I was going to draw up a registry must-haves list but you can find plenty of them on Pinterest, plus this takes away from my point of be true to yourself and pick you own items. My mom really helped me in registering for everything we needed, I honestly didn't even know where to begin, I just scanned items I saw that I liked and my mom really helped me to fill in the rest. :) Mom's are awesome. Below I'll give a brief review of each of the registries we used and a review of what items we really wanted/needed!


Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn are sister companies so their registry sites are very similar and very easy to navigate! I would recommend going into each store to start your registry. The sales staff is very helpful getting you started and even after the wedding making necessary returns/exchanges! While some of their items might be more expensive, they are quality items. They were definitely my two favorite registries! We registered for our dinnerware, flatware, wine glasses, champagne flutes, bedding, decorative items and pillows the list goes on! Collin didn't go with me to register here, instead I took my mom. We had a blast registering!

TIP!! Both Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn give you 10% off the rest of the items in your registry for up to six months after your event. So add whatever you want really! Even a couch and you can get 10% off! I believe that BBB and Target also offer the same promotion but double check!


I feel that BBB is just that one place you'd be stupid to not register. They have everything you need, even things you didn't know you needed! This is a great place to register for all of those necessary kitchen appliances. We registered for our toaster, blender, toaster oven, kitchen towels, kitchen tools, bath mats, towels, sheets, etc! They even have a great pet section for your pet! This is a great store to bring your man to register with you. Collin registered us for a meat grinder and some cedar hangers for his hunting clothes, we had a lot of fun registering together at BBB! Their registry site was also easy to navigate and update and their staff was super helpful in getting us started and also after the wedding for returns, gift cards, store credit etc. They also provide you with a list of who purchased what items. This is really helpful when it comes to thank you's! TIP!! If you call into Bed Bath and Beyond and let them know you are a new homeowner they will send you a 20% off your entire purchase coupon! It may take a few weeks to come in the mail but it should send to you. Definitely call and ask about it before you go and spend your gift cards or make exchanges, you can safe a ton of money on purchases for your new home!


This is a tricky one, I really love target and their home decor. Who doesn't love target? Their registry was OK to manage but William Sonoma, Pottery Barn and BBB were much easier to manage. One thing that I did not find out until after the wedding is that Target does not track who purchased what gift for you! OMG WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I only say this because with all of the chaos of the wedding, gifts being delivered to different places, taking them home from the wedding, if I didn't keep the packing slips or if the cards got separated from the gift I had NO IDEA who gave us what!! Panic mode. Thankfully we didn't have too many gifts given to us from target that I didn't know who gave them to us but it would have been so much easier to have been able to access a list for thank you's.

Below are some pictures of the registry items we loved the most and how we are using them in our home! Enjoy!

Pottery Barn: Emma Dinnerware

Pottery Barn: Copper Flatware

Pottery Barn: Champagne Coups

Pottery Barn: Monogrammed Ice Bucket

Monogrammed Copper Tray

Williams-Sonoma: Scalloped Marble Cheese Board

Copper Measuring Cups

Pottery Barn: Copper Bar Tools

Pottery Barn: Emma Cake Stand

Pottery Barn: Monogrammed Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Case

Williams-Sonoma: Copper Can Opener

Williams-Sonoma: Copper Vegetable Peeler

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Wamsutta Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Williams-Sonoma: KitchenAid Satin Copper Stand Mixer

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Thanks for reading my blog! If you are engaged or shopping for registries I wish you happy registry shopping!

++Stephanie Grace Benton

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