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Collin and I have been married just over two months now! We have enjoyed every second of our marriage! We got our wedding pictures back in record time because Miles Witt Boyer is unstoppable and I sometimes wonder if he is human... but I think he is :). We've enjoyed keeping the wedding photos to ourselves for a while and the day we got them back Collin and I looked through all 1,000 something (yes, over 1,000!) images together as a movie night. We had a blast looking back on our wedding day and I'll admit that I totally teared up looking back over the day! Everything was so beautiful and perfect!

I have gone back and forth on whether I should blog about the wedding or not. It's hard to put yourself out there in a blog for everyone to see! You worry about people judging you and what others might think. So before I share our wedding and my thoughts with everyone I wanted to share what my purpose is. The purpose of blogging about Collin and I's wedding and sharing details and pictures is to be able to tell the wedding day from our point of view, thank the many many individuals that helped make our day so special, share with those who couldn't attend, and to share fun details that some people might have missed throughout the day!

I really don't know where to begin diving into the wedding. We have been so incredibly blessed I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around it. I'd like to begin by saying how INCREDIBLY grateful and thankful we are to each and every person that contributed to our wedding day in some way. I'm not exaggerating when I say the weekend was perfect and it was perfect due 100% to the masses of people that contributed to our wedding weekend. My amazing, loving, generous mother and father, my supportive sisters, my giving, generous and loving in-laws, our amazing bridal party (I had one heck of a girl squad that showed up and out throughout our entire engagement), the family members that drove many many miles to be there, host parties and celebrate with us, all of the wedding guests who have sent gifts, lovely sentiments and traveled near and far to be there when Collin and I said I do and stayed throughout the night to hold a sparkler as we left. I can't even begin to speak to the long hours, late night, and the hard and beautiful work that our wedding vendors did to make our dream wedding a reality, especially Amanda Reed with Bates~Reed Brides and her amazingly talented team.

Today I wanted to share about the beautiful bridal tea that my sweet Aunt's hosted in my honor. My mom played a huge role in the bridal tea as well, they all did such an amazing job! It was so nice to unplug for a few hours the day before the wedding and relax with some tea and the most adorable sugar cookies and petite fors, all homemade by my Aunt Sherrye! She is crazy talented y'all! I hope to learn her sugar cook decorating ways and how she made the petite fors so delicious and to share with y'all in the future!

I truly felt like a little girl at her own little tea party! What made the bridal tea so special was the many amazing women I was surrounded with that came! Each woman gifted me a vintage tea cup which collectively gave me the most beautiful set of mismatched tea cups for our china cabinet. Needless to say I was an emotional basket case the entire weekend. Some very near and dear family friends gifted me tea cups that had been in their family for years, and a tea cup brought back from Japan!

My Aunt Sherrye also gifted me something very special. Not only did she drive up from Jackson, Mississippi with her mother and son, and throw me a beautiful bridal tea, she also gave Collin and I a beautiful gift made with a labor of love. How gorgeous is this letter B?! Y'all there is rose gold leafing all over this masterpiece that she hand did BY HER SELF. It is so beautiful! I wanted to use it in the wedding day somehow but also didn't want it to be broken. Somehow this beautiful creation made it back home to Texas after the wedding and survived a move into a new home, I kept a very close eye on it during it's travel from gift to a wall in our home. It's safely on a wall in our living room now and I absolutely love getting to see it everyday!

We also presented the "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" at the bridal tea. My something new was my wedding dress, which we didn't exactly present until the next day lol.

My something borrowed was presented to me by my Matron of Honor, Logan. She let me borrow her rose gold earrings that she wore on her wedding day just a few months earlier. This was so special to me as I consider Logan one of my sisters, she's family and has been since the day she walked into my life!

Lastly, my mom presented me with my something old and something blue. Over 20 years ago my mother purchased four blue topaz stones while she and my dad were in the Mediterranean. She had a ring made for herself out of one of the stones and saved the other three to use as our "something blue" on each of me and my sisters wedding days. I don't think I ever saw the stone before the bridal tea and I definitely hadn't seen the beautiful ring that she had it set in. Needless to say it was an emotional gift giving! How does my mother think of EVERYTHING?? Even 20 years in advance! hah! Maybe that's where I get the planner gene from. I was blown away, the ring is absolutely gorgeous and even set in rose gold to match the beautiful engagement ring that Collin proposed to me with.

So after some tears and some laughs we enjoyed the beautiful bridal tea and took some fun pictures with the adorable photo booth and props! How fun and creative are my mother and her sisters?! I know that this was a huge task for my family the day before the wedding and I am so incredibly grateful for their love for me! As hectic as the day before your wedding can be, this was such a blessing to be able to enjoy with my closest family and girlfriends. Thank you so much Aunt Sherrye, Aunt Laurie and to my sweet mama!

I also wanted to thank my amazing sisters and my cousin, Karin, for helping out with the shower along with my best friend/matron of honor/sister Logan and her mama, Miss Jen for helping with set-up and clean-up! The only reason we got home with all of the tea cups intact was for Miss Jenn's serious wrapping and packing skills! I also can't forget about my sweet grandmother who traveled all the way to Arkansas from Mississippi and also helped her sweet daughters prep food and clean-up for the shower!

Whew! I am getting emotional all over again running through the details of the weekend and I haven't even scratched the surface! I hope you all enjoyed this post as it is just the tip of the iceberg on the wedding weekend! Enjoy some pictures from the Bridal Tea below!


++Stephanie Grace Benton

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