Wedding Weekend Series - Rehearsal + Rehearsal Dinner

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Whew! I have been busy since my last post. Collin and I went to Arkansas for Labor Day weekend to visit with family and friends and I spent one day in Southeast AR helping out Bates~Reed Brides with a wedding. As if traveling over the holiday weekend wasn't enough, I started my new job as an Meeting Planner with inVentiv Medical Communications the Tuesday after Labor Day! Needless to say, i was EXHAUSTED last week.

After a relaxing weekend working in the yard and enjoying the cooler weather with my husband, I am well rested to take on week #2 of the new job! Now that I am settling into a new routine I and finding time again to blog. :)

Yay! I am excited to share the second post on our wedding series with you. Today I'll be talking about our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

No matter how hard and long you plan or how prepared you are, nothing prepares you for the day before you wedding. hah! You think of EVERYTHING that you need to do or get done before the big day so that you can really relax on the wedding day. Part of that is having a rehearsal to practice the processional, recessional and order of service for the ceremony the next day. Rehearsals always seem to feel unorganized and chaotic, no one knows what they are doing, where to go, where to stand, etc. Truthfully, I hate rehearsals for this reason, but I would never recommend NOT doing one, imagine even more chaos lol!! Thank goodness we had Amanda Reed to direct the rehearsal. If you don't think you need a wedding planner, you will quickly regret your decision at the rehearsal when everyone is asking you a million questions that you may or may not have the answer to. I did all of my pre-planning with Amanda so that upon arrival I could just be the bride! While the rehearsal still felt stressful, I was at ease knowing how perfect the next day would be. Amanda handled every question, addressed every problem, and came up with every solution. I think she could seriously rule the world. These are the the two days that being a bride should just be for being a bride! I really REALLY enjoyed that.

After all the chaos and rehearsal practices comes the fun, the rehearsal dinner! You can read all of the important Wedding Rehearsal Dinner basics over on The Knot! -- I'd retype or give you my own opinion on rehearsal dinners but I think that The Knot does it perfectly!

Collin's family did such an amazing job on our rehearsal dinner! We discussed basics early in the planning stages and they completely took the reigns on this event and I so enjoyed being hands-off. Collin's mom has such a gift for decorating, I knew it would be a beautiful night! From table cloths and centerpieces to chalkboard signs and favors everything was perfect!

The best part of the rehearsal dinner for me was getting to enjoy time with all of our closest family members and friends. Many of who came a long way to celebrate with us! Collin and I put together a slideshow of pictures from our youth through our college years and beyond for our guests to enjoy seeing our lives up to this point over the years. We also arranged for all of our speeches to be done at the rehearsal dinner so that we could enjoy the wedding reception with minimal interruptions. It was an emotional night to say the least! Collin and I enjoyed hearing sweet words from our friends and families. It was so great to get all of the emotions out of the way the night before and leave nothing by happiness and excitement for the wedding day!

After the rehearsal dinner we enjoyed a few drinks with our friends and then it was off to bed for me (or so I thought). I had a few amazing bridesmaids and my dear cousin Karin, God bless her, come up to my hotel room the night before and stay up until 2:00am with me to fold programs and steam robes (everything I didn't find time for during the day, oops!) but this is why you have bridesmaids!! I am so grateful for each and every person that helped out during our wedding day, we couldn't have done it without everyone!

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I can't wait to start sharing the wedding day!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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