Wedding Day Series - Getting Ready!

Yay! Wedding Day!!

I get super giddy when my mind traces back to our wedding day. It was such a wonderful day that I will truly cherish forever.

I really didn't know where to begin when I decided I wanted to blog about the wedding day, I knew it would need more than one post because I wanted to go into detail to really share the day with you, highlight key vendors, and to show you just how much time. thought and effort go into ONE DAY!

So I figured I would just go in chronological order of the day and share it piece by piece.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a hotel room or a dedicated space for you (bride) to rest and relax! I was so thankful that I booked Collin and I's honeymoon suite for the night before as it served multiple purposes! I stayed there alone the night before and got some great rest! Of course it was like the night before family vacation when you are a kid and I went to sleep late and got up super early no matter how hard I tried to stay asleep. I was excited :). I got up and watched the sun come up over Fayetteville on the balcony, it was such a peaceful way for me to start my morning with some quiet time with myself, a few prayers with God over the day that was about to commence and some self-reflection. Keep in mind it's like 6:00am at this point and I still had a few business matters to attend to (pay all of your vendors the week prior or write all final checks the week prior and give to your wedding planner at the rehearsal so you don't have to do this the morning of your wedding like I did haha!). I met my dad for breakfast at my go to spot (Chick-fil-a duh) at around 6:30am and enjoyed some quality time with my sweet sweet dad before the day got too chaotic.

HOTEL: The Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville, AR

Isn't Fayetteville beautiful?

After breakfast with dad I headed back to the hotel for one last sweet hour of alone time haha! It wasn't long before hair and make-up arrived at 8:00am sharp to begin! My bridesmaids slowly trickled in throughout the morning for their HMU appointments and we all hung out and relaxed the morning away!

*TIP* - be sure to order you and your bridesmaids brunch/lunch or snacks to have in your getting ready suite! This is a nice courtesy to offer your bridesmaids and plus you will all need to eat something before your start pictures!

*TIP* - If you hired a HMU team and have multiple bridesmaids/mothers etc. getting HMU done you will want to start early!

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: I hired Bo Senesomxay Makeup Artist & Hairstylist for our HMU team! Bo did my HMU for our engagement photos and for my bridal session! He does such a phenomenal job and is super fun to work with! If you like in AR or surrounding areas catch him early because he books up fast! Bo and Keith did such an amazing job!! Y'all I did not re-apply my make-up or fix my hair THE ENTIRE DAY. Didn't even touch it until I took all the bobby pins out that night!

Shop my look!

Bridesmaids Robes: The Paisley Box

Wedding Dress: Allure Coture

Wedding Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Here are some images from the morning! Enjoy! Miles Witt Boyer Photography

I also did a short photoshoot in my mother's wedding dress that she wore on her wedding day over thirty years ago!

My something old and blue gifted to me on my wedding day by my sweet mama! You can read the story behind the blue stone here!

If you have any questions about how my wedding morning went feel free to reach out!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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