It's Fall Y'all!

Hey friends!

So where did the summer go? Or the year for that matter.... who's ready for fall?! Me! Texas isn't. It's still hot enough to fry bacon on your sidewalk down here. Regardless if Fall isn't ready to come to me, I will go to it. :)

Who doesn't love the fall? Football, cooler weather, beautiful scenery when the leaves turn, my husband is happier because practically every hunting season is about to begin (bow season, rifle season, duck season...). For me, one of my favorites about fall is all the yummy goodies you finally have an excuse to make, and now it's not too hot in your kitchen so it's enjoyable. I love baking. :) It's a shame that Collin doesn't like sweets though, and REALLY hard for me not to eat everything I make. CORRECTION... I had to edit this post this morning BECAUSE MY HUSBAND ATE THIS... He had one for breakfast with me and took one for the road! Y'all it's a feat to make anything sweet my husband will eat :) There, that is all the proof you need. It will be loved by even the pickiest sweets eater!

I can't wait for the holidays to roll around so that I can try my hand at those adorable sugar cookies that are always so Instagram famous.

For now, while my house waits for it's fall decor debut, I couldn't help but launch myself into the first day of fall with some baking. I'm about to share an amazing recipe with you! I don't know where I came across this recipe a few years ago but I am so glad I did. I made these for the first time a few years back on a whim and they were so much easier than they looked and OH MY GOODNESS do they taste amazing.

What I love about this recipe is that it has clove and nutmeg AND cinnamon. It's like a fall baking trifecta. I also love that you freeze this roll and can eat on it for a while! (this is helpful for me since my husband doesn't like sweets, he's nuts) but let's be real I could probably eat an entire pumpkin roll by myself in a few days time. Might not feel the greatest but I could do it.

You can have a slice of pumpkin roll for dessert after dinner or have it with your morning coffee. It's great! I chose to ring in the first day of fall with a slice of pumpkin roll and a cup of coffee.

Ok so now the recipe, how I made it, and some tips on how to make it perfect!


Mix your wet ingredients with sugar first!

Then your dry ingredients (opening up the cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg....omg, smells AMAZING!)

Mix together for the perfect combination!


Pour batter into your prepped pan

Spread evenly and pop into the oven for exactly 10 minutes

Prep your cream cheese filling while you wait :)

Immediately flip cake onto damp towel

One solid quick motion, not too fast!

Roll it up into itself and let it cool

Prep your cake for filling time!

Spread evenly onto cake, I leave the edges since when you roll up your cake it will spread out more

Don't rool it TOO tight, nice and gently, dusty with powdered sugar, saran wrap well, and pop in freezer!

Ok here is the recipe for y'all! ENJOY!!!!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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