11 Reasons Why I Love Eleven Point Home Fragrance

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I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. We are recovering from the weekend. Our dear friends Tyler and Hannah O'Donnell flew in from Arizona to hang out with us for the weekend and we were so excited to pick them up from the airport on Friday! We enjoyed reuniting with friends while tailgating for the Arkansas vs. Texas A&M. We didn't play the game we wanted too but we still had fun with great friends! Now we are enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon with scattered rainstorms all day and loving every minute of it! I don't know what it is about the fall or rainy days but I always have candles burning on days like these! I really enjoy the comfort of the fragrance and the warmth the candlelight gives your home.

I am so excited to share some amazing home fragrance products with you!

*I have tested these products on my own free will and I have not been hired or paid to share my opinion of these product with you.*

If you are tired of your usual home fragrance brand or need to switch up your candle game or if you are simply just looking for something different, then you'll want to check out Eleven Point Home Fragrance. If you are a small business or a wholesaler looking for something new, Eleven Point also has wholesale opportunities.

Here are eleven things that I love about Eleven Point Home Fragrance!

1. This entire company is inspired by the Eleven Point River, read their story here!

2. Eleven Point is a second generation family owned business!

3. Hand-crafted in Pocahontas Arkansas

4. They have the perfect fragrance just in time for fall! Autumn No. 60, cool blends of amber, cardamom and cinnamon with notes of warm patchouli. This one is currently on my wishlist!

5. There are more than just the beautiful candles you see in my blog :), they also sell room sprays/mists, reed diffusers, and fragrant sachets!

6. They just launched brand new collections! The Boutique Collection, The River Rock Collection, The Architect Collection and more!

7. My top favorite collections are the Boutique Collection and the Architect!

8. Orders are made fresh by their artisans and will generally ship within 10 working days (if not sooner)!

9. Each fragrance has its own inspiration and it will show you it's inspiration on the product page.

10. Their candles make great housewarming gifts!

11. When you're sad that your candle is gone, toss your unique Eleven Point container in the freezer, pop out the wax and you can continue to use the beautiful vessels throughout your home as decor!

Right now on their website if you subscribe you can get 15% off your order and for orders over $90 you qualify for free shipping! Then just wait for your goodies to arrive :) when they do, post on social media using the hashtag #myelevenpoint to show off your new candles and how you use them in your home! Happy shopping!

Below are some pictures of how I styled #myelevenpoint in our home. Showcasing The Architect Collection in the Wildflower Fragrance and The Boutique Collection in the Morning Dew Fragrance. Enjoy!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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