My TOP 5 Most Worth-it Wedding Reception Splurges

Oh me oh my! Where do I even begin with our wedding reception? I'll try to be brief and not add too many pictures but no promises! :)

Our wedding reception was everything we thought it would be and more! It's hard to pull off ALL of your dream wedding ideas and have all the money in the world to pay for it -- let's be honest this is not realistic for anyone but the rich and famous. But you CAN have your dream wedding with all of your dream ideas AND at the right price! I did bite the bullet on a few splurges which I will share - but I also want to shed some light on how YOU can have your champagne dream on a beer budget! ;)

No matter what your budget, your ideas are always going to grow outside of that - it's just what we do as brides - you can't help but want it all! Our eyes see more than our minds can hold! Learning how to hone in on your top ideas and most effective details takes a professional, a Wedding Planner.

I think a lot of people wonder what all a wedding planner really does for you and most don't see the worth until it's too late for them to hire one they need. Others realize the worth right away!

To be honest I didn't EXACTLY know what I wanted for the reception and decor, but I had a general idea... and that is all I needed! If you hire the right planner, they are VERY good at getting a feel for what you like and how they can portray that in the reception decor. Planners have tried and true budget savers to pull off your desired look for the right budget. They also aren't afraid to tell you the reality if your dream is unattainable for the budget you've acquired and they can offer you alternatives.

I drew inspiration from the 2016 pantone colors - Rose Quartz and Serenity. I was a traditional bride at heart with a boho vibe thrown in.

Some key details that aren't exactly "decor" that I felt were important to complete the look I wanted to achieve:

-long veil and blusher

-mismatched bridesmaids dresses in shades of pink/mauve/blush

-trailing ribbons on bouquets

-pop of color on boutonnieres

-fun wedding shoes

When you've seen your fair share of weddings, and filter through thousands of wedding images each quarter, you start to see what photographs well and can add detail to the wedding at a minimal cost.

When it came to the reception decor, Amanda (Bates~Reed Brides) has a SERIOUS talent for pulling together a cohesive look with controlled variety in your floral and tablescapes.

Rose gold was a prominent theme in our wedding. Collin proposed to me with a rose gold engagement ring and it was the first piece of rose gold jewelry I had ever had! I loved it so much that I knew I wanted to carry that theme throughout the wedding. That's where the copper/rose gold obsession began and it has spread into every part of our lives! lol! More jewelry, home decor, foil prints, office supplies - ALL ROSE GOLD EVERYTHING Y'ALL.

I feel like I splurged on everything for the wedding because it turned out so incredibly beautiful! But the truth is, that is just how amazing our wedding vendors were.


-Wedding Invitations

-Wedding Band


-Gold Flatware + Vintage China Plates

-Lounge Furniture

Wedding Invitations: I had not given much thought to the wedding invitations until I walked into Shindig Paperie. Y'all the minute you walk in this place you are mesmerized by all the pretty paper! when you sit down to discuss wedding invitations and look through all the samples... it is so easy to splurge!! I still think that if you are tight on budget that Invitations and save the dates are a great place to cut back but I couldn't help myself. Look for a future post all about our wedding invitations and some tips on how to choose in the future! :)

Wedding Band: We had initially already decided on a DJ. They are great way to save costs, your DJ can play music the entire reception (no band breaks) and you can control the song selection. I've always loved live music at wedding receptions but some bands can be hit or miss! After searching for a band we loved that was in budget - we landed with Almost Famous Memphis. I had seen them a few years back at a fundraising event and LOVED them. I remember the dance floor being packed the entire night! If you have the right crowd and love live music - then a wedding band is for you. They played all the oldies and the goodies and everyone really enjoyed the show - even if you weren't on the dance floor! Our dance floor was full the entire night and we had a blast dancing and singing along with our closest friends and family.

Photographer: So this is actually kind of a tough one when it should probably be an easy one. SPLURGE ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER Y'ALL - or at least shop around and review their work before you book. Photographing someones wedding day is SUCH a big job - and you want to make sure you hire the right team that wont just photograph the day - but immerse themselves in your day and work hard to get every amazing shot! Miles Witt Boyer is that team. His passion behind his work really shows on the wedding day but most importantly after the wedding day when you get all your pictures back! Truly an amazing team to work with and it was an honor to have them photograph our wedding.

Gold Flatware + Vintage China Plates: I've always been obsessed with that mismatched boho vintage china look! It's a great way to add detail and it serves a purpose (since people need a plate to eat off of!). Combined with the gold flatware completed that boho vibe. Eventures Party Rentals in Fayetteville Arkansas has such a great selection to add detail to your day!

Lounge Furniture: A somewhat newer trend the past few years in the wedding industry is moving away from that stuffy sit-down plated meal to a more comfortable lounge vibe. We loved Amanda's idea to create an outdoor lounge space to enjoy the cooler summer weather when the sun went down and incorporating lounge seating with the guest tables. It totally enhances the look and feel of your reception while also providing that comfortable and relaxed vibe! Lounge furniture provided by Eventures Party Rentals.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the wedding reception. We enjoyed every minute and we are so grateful for all of the amazing vendors that came together to pull off our dream wedding. Look for a blog next week reviewing our dream wedding vendor team!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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