Travel Tips: What's in My Carry On?

Hey friends!

I'm writing to you from Orlando, FL this afternoon! I'm on-site planning a live meeting for the next three days!

It's a lot easier to pack for three days vs. a week but the challenge is getting everything in your carry-on so you don't have to check a bag.

Plus, when you are traveling for business instead of pleasure, you've got to pack business clothes and all the necessary files and tech gear for you to office from the meeting.

Below are some simple travel tips that I use myself when preparing for a trip!


-Invest in a great carry-on suitcase that will fit all size requirements and try not to pack it too full!

-Get your airline's phone app to have access to a mobile boarding pass

-Make sure you arrange valet or ground transportation to the airport

-Make sure all of your precious liquids are in a plastic baggy and stowed for easy removal through security

-Don't wear big bulky jewelry, a hat, or difficult to take-off shoes if you want to get through security quicker - or apply online for TSA-pre check to save you even more time

What's in My Carry On?

Sometimes, traveling can be stressful, make your trip less stressful by carrying all your essentials on-board with you! For business trips, there are a few items that are a must-have for me in my personal bag and carry-on.

For business travelers - I suggest investing in a nice work/carry-on bag that can be carried multiple ways and serve a variety of functions. For example - I purchased a Swiss Gear Laptop Tote and love that it achieves multiple functions for me while still looking fashionable :)

-Reading Material (God forbid the fancy screen in front of you doesn't work, or they aren't showing movies, etc.) Go old school! Always have some good reading material on hand to occupy your mind!

-Advil - I never fail to get a terrbile headache upon landing or the next morning. Always good to have on hand when you are traveling



-Hard Candies (because I am always craving something sweet!)

-Neck Pillow (for that mid-ride snooze)

-Wetbrush - I LOVE THIS BRUSH. It's a great size for everyday use and travel and is a de-tangle dream - especially when you have nappy travel hair upon arrival at your destination!

These are just a few of my travel favorites :)

Happy packing and traveling!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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