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I hope everyone is having a great week. It's HUMP DAY so we are halfway to the weekend! Last weekend I set out on a little DIY project I've been wanting to do for our dining room. I will admit I was a little intimidated by the project but it turned out great!

I had been seeing all of these cute hand-lettered wood framed signs all over Pinterest and just had to have one for myself! I wanted to be able to pick out the wording and the stain of the wood frame so after some research I set out to home depot on a mission!

I chose the word gather because it's a word that can be used across all seasons for decor I think! It doesn't really tie you to any specific season or holiday. Plus it's the perfect word for the dining room where you gather with friends and family over meals.


-liquid nails

-caulking gun

-1 - 1 1/2in nails for reinforcement


-white latex paint

-wood stain of your choice ( I used Miniwax espresso)

-paint brushes for your paint and stain (I would recommend using an old rag for the stain - using a rag helps it soak into the wood more than a paint brush will!)

-sanded plywood (your size choice - I got 2x4 and had it cut into two pieces measuring 2x3 and 2x1 -so that I could make two signs)

-wood trim

*TIP* - you can have the sanded plywood cut for you at home depot and you can also have them cut your wood trim to size for you - just be aware that when you are cutting your trim that you accound for an extra 1/2-1" so that all four pieces of perimeter will meet eachother (I'll explain more below)

-black paint (acrylic is fine!)

-thin paint brush

-clear protective sheet cover

-cardboard box

-iphone flashlight

Ok so now that you know what all you will need - let me share with you how I did it!


1. Start by cutting your wood trim to size if you didn't get it cut at Home Depot or Lowes. Be sure to measure with a tape measure where you want you wood trim to match up.

2. Once your wood is sized correctly and will fit around your sanded plywood board, you can paint your sanded plywood white and stain your wood trim.

Be sure to really rub in the stain well and you really don't need to much stain as it goes a long way!

3. While your stain and paint are drying - set up your at home projection screen! (This is the coolest party of the project!) It's hard to keep a steady hand and have perfectly centered and lined letters when you are dealing with a large project. So I found this awesome at home projector hack that I'm excited to share with y'all!

- Take a smaller (8x10 or so sized box) and close up each end except leave one open.

- Print your script/lettering/design on an 8x10 sheet of paper - size it as big as you can on the sheet and make sure it's centered.

-Stick your sheet of paper in the clear sheet protector and trace over your design with a sharpie

-Pull your sheet out and tape it on BACKWARDS to the box - leaving a flap on the side open to stick your phone inside with the flashlight on. *TIP* I taped my phone to the bottom of the box so that it wouldn't move and mess up my design while I was tracing.

-Position your DIY projector to display the image onto your dried sheet of plywood and center it how you'd like onto the board. You may have to mess with this for a few minutes to get the positioning right - step back to look at your project and ensure that it's centered how you like it.

-Grab a pencil, dim the lights and start outlining your words onto the plywood sheet.

-Now just paint inside the lines with a color of your choice!

4. I let everything set out overnight to fully dry. If you want, when you are doing painting on your letters you can put a protective clear coat or a modge podge coat.

5. Time to attach your beautifully stained trim to your sanded plywood!

- Line each side up to ensure that your trim should fit correctly - it's ok if it's not perfect! This is supposed to look rustic so if you have some knobby wood or weird cut outs in your trim - it just adds character!

-Starting with one side and working your way clockwise - apply the liquid nails to your board and press your trim to the board. The liquid nails should catch it and enable you to position your trim. Then secure with 2-3 nails, on on each end and one in the middle.

-Repeat this step for the rest of the edges. Lay it carefully and be sure to clean up any liquid nails goo that is visible from the front - you can wipe with a wet paper towel.

6. Let it dry overnight and wake up to a beautiful sign! Attach wires for hanging or place on your mantle and enjoy!

If you decide to tackle this project and if you find you have questions feel free to contact me and I am happy to answer any of your questions and help you on this DIY journey!

Good luck and happy DIYing!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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