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I hope everyone had a great Monday! Our dog Remi got hold of an ENTIRE rotisserie chicken carcass last night and by the time I realized she had gotten to it, the entire thing was gone. Ugh! She licked up the fat and everything. SO GROSS. So naturally I freaked out about the bones but after two calls to the vet, a panicky call to my husband and some comforting Facebook comments later, I calmed down. I worked from home today to monitor her closely for any obstructions but she's just had a bad tummy ache all day and seems to be fine tonight. It's times like these that scare me to be a parent one day! lol!

Switching it up on the blog today and I'm sharing my sweet mother-in-law's French Country room makeover! She recently transformed Collin's old room into a beautiful, peaceful, guest room and I loved it so much I had to share it with you all. She is so talented and I love all of her furniture and home decor finds! Enjoy her Q&A below and some dreamy pictures of her new guest bedroom!

See her responses below about her room makeover process!


What sparked your desire to makeover the room?

I had been wanting to do a room in different shades of white and cream for a while. Collin’s

room had been blue for several years and was a “boys” room so after he got married, I decided

to just do it.

Where did you start?

Once I decided on the wall color it all seemed to fall into place pretty easily. The trim and closet

doors were already a bright white and as I was painting the walls I wasn’t sure if I liked the walls

being cream and the trim white but after the bedding was on, I really liked the contrast.

Where did you find your unique pieces?

Since I had pictured in my mind what I wanted the finished room to look like it was just a matter

of digging through some items I had collected over time to see if I had anything that I would not

have to spend money on. I had bought a “gun cabinet” at a yard sale 3 or 4 years ago and had

no idea what I would use it for when I brought it home. (As I do with a lot of things I bring home)

I took the glass out of the door and had my brother add shelves. I had painted it last year but

still didn’t really know if I would use it and had thought about selling it. I am so glad I kept it

because the color and the design were perfect for the new room. I did add a piece of “scroll

work” to the top of the cabinet.

The bed itself is the same bed Collin had but he had a ceiling fan in the room so the canopy that

came with the bed could not be used. I knew that I wanted to use the canopy so my brother

took down the ceiling fan and added a simple light fixture that I got from Lowe’s. I wanted to do

a really simple light fixture first because of the cost and second because I wanted to use the

crystal chandelier ( that I have had stored in the garage for 2 years ) in the corner of the room

and since it would add so much bling I didn’t want it to complete with the main light fixture As

far as the bedding, it was nothing expensive. I had everything except the white comforter. The

bed skirt is white lace curtain panels. After checking prices on the look of the bed skirt I wanted,

I decided to try to use something I already had. I found 3 white lace curtain panels and they

worked perfect.

I already had the 2 wooden trunks that I am using as a nightstand as well as the old windows

and the mirror. I didn’t do anything to the old windows except sweep off the cobwebs. The

bed side lamp and the chair were yard sale finds.

The curtains…. the most stressful thing about the whole room…. I looked at ready-made

curtains and the prices for the look I was going for were way out of my price range and I could

not find the right fabric so I was in the paint department in Wal-Mart one day and saw drop

cloths. It was the color I wanted so I just bought one and took it home and washed it and hung

it up and stared at it for a few days and decided they would work.

For the TV stand, again, I knew what I had pictured in my mind but could not find anything. I

came across this piece at a flea market in Missouri but it was painted green and did not have a

bottom shelf. I decided to try and match the paint to the “gun cabinet” as best I could. I

remembered that I bought an old door at an auction for $5.00 about a year ago and it was the

perfect width so I just had my brother cut the length to fit.

I bought the white cowhide and the elm tree wreath in Canton, Texas about 4 years ago.

I am really excited about the way the whole room turned out and I don’t really think I would do

anything different.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great rest of the week :)


Stephanie Grace Benton

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