Christmas Decor + DIY Pom Pom Garland

Hey friends!

Well it's officially December! I cannot believe it. Where has the year gone? This month will mark 6 months of marriage for Collin and I as well as my one year blogiversary! It's been a wild year that's for sure!

I started decorating for Christmas this week and for the most part I'm all done! We don't have a big home and since this is our first Christmas as a married couple we didn't have really any Christmas decor to work with, so it's not much but a few special touches can go a long way in a home!

I like to start in my living room, to me it's the center of all things cozy in a home and making it extra cozy around Christmas time makes it that much more enjoyable. We've got an interesting open layout in our home which is a blessing but is also hard to work with undefined spaces, and we have an angeled wall that the fireplace is on so it also makes me get creative with symmetry in my living spaces.

That being said, I had to do some furniture moving to make room for the Christmas tree! Collin was such a great helper, even thought he was somewhat shocked when I told him I wanted to rearrange the living room around the tree - hah!

He was super helpful..... until it came time to actually decorate the tree and then he lost interest. That's ok though, I enjoy taking my time and placing each ornament.

I didn't really have much figured out in my mind for this tree except that I knew I wanted striped ribbon and neutral colors for the ornaments and rose gold too (duh!).

Hobby Lobby has pretty much everything 50% off this week! I had a hayday. Everything I got was from Hobby Lobby.

Here is what I walked out of Hobby Lobby with:

1 Slim Yuletide Pine Tree (on a great sale right now!)

2 rolls of B+W striped ribbon

2 rolls of white and neutral striped ribbon

A few boxes of clear glass ornaments in varied sizes

A few boxes of champagne and gold glass ornaments

A few containers of Jingle bells

A few packages of white pom pom balls

3 packages embroidery yarn

thick sewing needles

2 cans of rose gold spraypaint

BAM - you've got all the ingredients you need for my tree!

Now this is a little extra work but it will be so worth it! I knew I wanted neutrals and even some just plain glass ornaments on the tree so I took half and set them aside. The other half I spraypainted rose gold. You have to get a little creative spraying them evenly. I had some dowel rods in the garage that I used to string on the ornaments and propped them in between two objects. Perfect drying area! It's not cute but it was functional!

I also spray painted half of my jingle bells rose gold too :)

I let them dry overnight and while they dried I put up and fluffed our tree, wrapped it with my white and natural striped ribbon and made my black and white striped bow topper.

I also made a DIY pom pom garland! I was so proud of it! Cost me less than $10 and it was so easy. I just doubled up the embroidery yarn for extra strength and sewed the pom poms on right through the middle of them and it worked great!

If you don't feel like DIY'ing it and just wanna buy the look I've linked something similar from target for you here :)

See pictures of my projects below.

I'd love to hear from y'all on how your Christmas decor is going and what themes you all like the best!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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