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I hope everyone had a great first weekend of 2017! I finally got our Christmas decorations down and we enjoyed a relaxing weekend grabbing dinner with friends and watching How to Get Away With Murder the rest of the weekend with my husband lol! We are obsessed!

I've had a few of you ask me about my coffee when I snap it in the mornings or put it on my story! So I decided to write up all the details in a blog!

Last Christmas my parents gifted me a Keurig Rivo. I have literally used it every single morning for the past year and when Collin and I got married I make him a coffee like mine on the weekdays too - he loves them! I hadn't heard anything about the Rivo and I can't believe everyone doesn't own one that's how much I love this thing! I look forward to it every morning and I'll even make myself a cup of decaf in the afternoons sometimes!

So let me give you the scoop on the Rivo - It's a Keurig product, it takes special LavAzza espresso cups and it makes cappuccinos and lattes and FROTHS YOUR MILK PEOPLE. It's super easy and user-friendly!

I have literally made the same latte every morning for the past year, I add two splenda's and voila! It tastes just like any latte you'd get from an overpriced coffee chain! ;)

I can easily make my favorite drink myself in just a few minutes and enjoy it from the comfort of my home!

Turn on the Rivo, wait for the beep that it's ready, Pour cold milk into the clear frothing cup, insert it into position, press which type of froth you'd like, wait for it to finish, then place a coffee mug into the espresso side, insert a LavAzza cup into position, select if you'd like short or lungo espresso, add any flavorings or sweetners, pour over the milk with the lid still on and then add foam to top! Voila!

Let me break this down for you -- According to U.S. News and World Report "A cafe mocha is the most expensive caffeine beverage in the country, which costs an average of $3.94. An average cup of coffee costs $2.70, but a drink of cafe americano - which is espresso and water - is even less expensive with an average price of$2.62"

Let's base this scenario off of drinking 18 cups of coffee per month ( maybe you don't drink coffee on the weekends or you miss a day or two during the week where you are running late or grab something else on the go). One package of LavAzza Keurig Rivo pods costs 14.99 - for 18 pods. Plus the cost of milk, let's go with an estimate of $3.00 a gallon. Depending on how full you fill your milk you can get anywhere form 16-18 cups out of a gallon of milk, for this purpose and for my easy math lets say you can get 18 :). So your average cost of a cup of coffee at home would be $1.60 - including the cost of purchasing the KEURIG Rivo. I based this calculation on the cost of the Rivo split up over 18 cups of coffee per month for a year. Y'ALL. It seriously saves me so much time in the monring and money. I've used a lot of other coffee machines that are similar this past year at various hotels and meetings and none of them compare in user-friendlyness or taste. I truly love my Keurig Rivo!

You can purchase the Rivo for $129.00 on Amazon as well as their Quick Start Guide which tells you all about the Rivo, how to use-it, and what all types of drinks it can make for you!

What is your go to cup of coffee or your morning coffee routine? Comment below and share with me!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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