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H A P P Y - F R I D A Y !

It's been a wild month! If you didn't catch my last blog post - we moved! We are getting settled in back in Arkansas and this week was my first week back with Bates Events. It's been a blast from the past in the present! :)

We are excited to start looking for our next home sweet home in the coming weeks and have faith that God will place us where we belong! :)

I'm excited to be sharing our weekend in Arizona with Hannah and Tyler with you all today! For those of you who don't know Hannah and Tyler O'Donnell, they are some of our greatest friends from college. We were in their wedding and they were in ours and I had the pleasure of assisting Hannah in her wedding planning. They have been such amazing friends to us and were actually some of our only friends to come visit us during our time in Texas! They few all the way from Arizona to hang with us for about 48 hours. So we returned the favor a few weekends ago and flew to Phoenix to hang with them! and Gosh do they know how to host and entertain in the Arizona desert.

Hannah and Tyler live in what I think is a hidden gem! Right in the valley of Prescott, Arizona. They have access to some of the most beautiful sites and are only a few hours away from The Grand Canyon, skiing, and Vegas! Needless to say we will be back to visit soon! :)

We wanted to make the most of our weekend so we took the first flight out on Friday morning, and with daylight savings time on our side, landed at about 8:30am and had the entire day! We took Southwest Airlines and it was my first time not ever flying American LOL! (Diva). I loved it! A little hard to get used to no assigned seating, but their boarding process is EFFICIENT!

Hannah picked us up from the airport Friday morning in Phoenix and we drove to Sedona (about an hour and a half drive). My first reaction on the drive there was oh my look at all those cacti!!! They were so big and amazing and fascinating because I had never seen anything like it!

The red rocks are beautiful, and the nature of their formations is too cool! When we got into town, Hannah took us for lunch at Enchantment - and it was equally beautiful and delicious! We enjoyed mimosas, bloody mary's, and brunch before our hike in the Arizona Red Rocks! More gorgeous landscape and formations and a little bit of a cardio workout!

We then drove into the town of Sedona for a bit and grabbed coffee and walked around. It was a cute little mountain town. We were pretty pooped from all of the hiking and driving so we headed into Prescott Valley to meet Tyler, her husband for dinner. Then we settled in at Hannah and Tyler's adorable home.

Saturday morning we drove into Flagstaff for a day full of skiing! WE HAD A BLAST. I won't lie I was a bit nervous to get back on the skis after a few years but as soon as I snapped them in it was like muscle memory! Hannah and Tyler are PROS since they are so close and are able to go skiing quite a bit. Collin is just naturally good at anything athletic at anything he tries (so annoying lol) so I was really the only timid one. So i just kind of faked it 'til I made it, fell a few times, and let them convince me to ski my first black diamond! (YIKES!). The funny part is that the lift that takes you up, black diamonds are the only way down - so once you get on the lift you are committed! With the help of some encouraging friends and husband I did it! It was so much fun and so exciting. After a long day on the mountain we drove back into town and enjoyed a night in watching movies and drinking wine.

This was the perfect weekend trip with our flights leaving late on Sunday - so we still had one more full day with Hannah and Tyler! We headed to brunch and bottomless mimosas at this lovely place in historic downtown Prescott called Prescott Station. This is where Hannah and Tyler introduced us to Eggs Benedict (Can you believe I've never tried this?) and it's basically all I ever want for breakfast these days. I'll be testing out how to poach eggs in the near future! They were AMAZING.

After breakfast we wen't on yet again another beautiful hike and then drove into Phoenix and did a little bit of shopping at the outlets. Sadly our trip ended shortly after and we were up in the sky in one of the worst turbulence flights I've been on yet. I'm not the greatest flier so needless to say I am sure Collin was embarrassed by my flight fright LOL!

If you are ever looking for uncharted territory to explore and haven't checked out Arizona - GO! We hope to go back again and cross the Grand Canyon off our list and maybe sneak in a trip to Vegas. We are so grateful to have such awesome friends to go visit and enjoyed every bit of their hospitality! If you have any questions about our trip comment below and I'll be happy to answer!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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