Modern Industrial Coffee Table + Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffee

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Hi Friends!

How can it already be August?! It's hot here in Arkansas, but I am loving every minute of summer. Fall is quickly approaching, and I can't believe it! I'm starting to get excited for football season, fall candles, that crisp cool air and that pretty fall foliage!

I am so excited to be sharing a DIY post on the coffee table Collin and I made a few weeks ago, and I'm also sharing my new drink of choice for some me time in the mornings! Collin and I love to create things together as a team and we most certainly LOVE Folger's new Simply Gourmet Coffee!

P.S. How cute is Remi girl? She's always within 5ft of me and she is always on the couch! Which is why we don't have a fancy white cloth couch, because then we couldn't enjoy cuddles with Remi!

Ok so BEFORE I share all the awesome details on how we made this table, I want to take a second to highlight our new go-to coffee! Believe it or not I haven't always been a coffee person. I NEVER drank coffee in college, it wasn't until I started working corporate meetings out of college (where coffee is all day, every day, all the time!) that I started acquiring a taste for it.

It quickly became my morning drink that I couldn't live without. What I love about coffee the most is that everyone starts out with the same drink - coffee. What makes it unique to each person is what they add! I always think it would be fun to do a silly post about who you are based on how you take your coffee. My husband drinks it black with NOTHING added, which is probably the healthiest way.... I like to spice it up with milk and sugar…and lots of it! :)

With Folger's new Simply Gourmet, the taste is so full and flavorful that I find myself adding less and less milk and sugar when I use it! Folger's new Simply Gourmet comes in 4 great flavors:

Natural Vanilla

Natural Chocolate

Natural Caramel

Natural Cinnamon

Did you notice something in all of those flavors? YEP, NATURAL! Absolutely no artificial flavors - all natural! For someone who lives in the NATURAL state of Arkansas, I appreciate no artificial flavors in products, especially coffee.

You can easily add this product to your next Walmart trip. You will find it on the coffee aisle, but you can find out more about it HERE!

Collin and I are always busy, we start to feel restless when we have no projects or plans, we need to be better at just enjoying slower times but we are working on that :). Our latest project together was creating a coffee table to enjoy our morning cup of coffee on. Also just some fun trivia for the day - does anyone know why they call it a coffee table?

It is suggested that the lower height of the table combined with the shape made it easy for guests to set down their coffee. MIND BLOWN! I've found that it dates back to the 1920's. Crazy that a style, name, and furniture type has withstood the test of time and become a staple piece in living rooms across the globe!


Items Needed:

-6 pieces of 2x6 wood cut to 4 feet long

-2 pieces of 2x6 or 2x4 for brace - 2.5-3ft long

-4 pieces of 18" precut and threaded pipe

-4 floor flanges

-4 caps

-1.5" wood screws

-white indoor/outdoor paint

-clear protectant/gloss

STEP 1: Gather and purchase all materials

STEP 2: Line up your 4ft 2x6's and screw in your braces, be sure to leave room on the outer edges for floor flanges

STEP 3: Paint the bottom of the coffee table and let dry, you might require two coats but I wouldn't worry much on the bottom as it won't bee seen :)

STEP 4: Once dry, measure and line out where you'll screw in the floor flanges

STEP 5: Screw in your legs and caps and turn it over

STEP 6: Do this on a Saturday morning with some coffee in hand! Painting is so soothing and the part I love most when we do projects that require painting. :) Make sure to paint in nice, even brush strokes and do two coats. Once completely dry be sure to spray or paint on a clear protective coat.


How do you guys enjoy some "me time" with Folger's Simply Gourmet Coffee? Let me know in the comments below what you like about it and which flavors you've tried!

I'd also love to know if you've done any DIY furniture projects and how they turned out!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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