The Perfect Pumpkin Roll Recipe

Hey Friends! Happy First Day of Fall!

I am so excited to be blogging about all things Fall lately. One of my absolute favorite dessert recipes for Fall is a pumpkin roll. I learned how to make these about five years ago and my roommates were crazy about them and other friends even started asking me if I would make them a pumpkin roll too!

I've made these every years since and my pumpkin roll even won best dessert at my workplace party last year! I couldn't believe it! So now I guess you could say I hold an award winning recipe now! ;)

So I am sharing the recipe with you all again this year in case anyone wants to attempt these. They take a little bit of craftiness to get the roll just right. I attempted my first shot at making a video (LOL) so that I could try to show you how I remove the cake from the pan, roll out and up in the damp towel and how I roll it back up after filling. I'll share them at the bottom of the post after the recipe if you find you need a visual for the roll.

I love to make a few and freeze them to enjoy all fall/winter long! They are a great baked good to take to gatherings or holiday parties too. You can see my original post here on the step by step process on how to make - or you can test the waters on your own and follow the recipe below! :)

Happy Baking!!


Stephanie Grace Benton


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