One Room Challenge - Week 1: Our First Nursery

Hi Friends!

For those of you that don’t know me, or if this is your first time here, I’ll give ya just a little back story about me before I dive into my plans and inspiration for this One Room Challenge!

My name is Stephanie Benton! Born in Georgia, raised in Texas and currently living in Fayetteville, Arkansas - the southern life is kind of my thing! My amazing husband, Collin, and my precious black lab, Remi, are the people that keep me going! Collin and I just celebrated our two year anniversary this past June. After suffering a devastating miscarriage last November, we are thrilled to be welcoming a precious baby girl this coming February!

All that to say - I’m pretty sure you can guess what my One Room Challenge is! This will be my first year participating in the One Room Challenge, so bear with me as I’m not entirely sure how it all works but I imagine I’ll figure it out along the way.

Sharing a few before pics (which have really just become the start of my "in progress" pics). This used to be Collin’s “office.” I put office in quotations because it was really more of a man room to hold all his things and by things I mean taxidermy and hunting gear and hats galore! My sweet husband was gracious to give up his room and we are so excited to be starting on this nursery.

I will try to photography everything North, South, East, and West to keep it consistent so you can see how each wall in the room transforms as we go. (Here comes my OCD...)

You can also see a few of the items I've already picked out for the nursery! I'll go into more detail on these next week (especially the changing table!)

In Week 1 I thought I would share my design inspo. I’m a fairly organized person, so it always helps me to organize my thoughts when starting a project. I’ve got a HUGE Pinterest hack for you when it comes to organizing your inspiration! Instead of just pinning a bunch of random ideas - get specific. Pinterest has this great feature within individual boards that allows you to add sections! *Mind Blown*

I’m going to link up my Pinterest board for the nursery design so you can see where I have started. I don’t have a million pins in here - and that is the goal. I’m trying to get as specific as possible so when I’m out searching for decor pieces, or looking at furniture, I can whip out my handy dandy Pinterest board and see if it fits within the design I’ve curated.

I’ve placed a few of my favorite pins directly in here that I’ve either already acquired these pieces or I know that’s what I’ll be getting! You can can view the entire board HERE.

Well that’s all I have for Week 1! Be sure to check out all the other participants and their room transformations for the One Room Challenge on the ORC Blog Page. I’m excited to be motivated to make progress for week 2, and dive deeper into the design I chose with you guys!

If you have any tips or must haves for a nursery - let me know in the comments below.


Stephanie Benton

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