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It's almost hump daeee! We are supposed to get a little cold front this week (weird?) and it's almost June... so that's Arkansas for you. Well Collin and I have almost been in our house two months which is CRAZY because I still feel like we just moved back and then sometimes I feel like we never left. I'm not really that good with change, it's easy for me to make the decision but it's really hard for me to feel the effects that usually come later. I'm feeling all of the effects now from our big decision to move a few moths ago. Change is hard, but it doesn't mean you don't take chances or risk, it's the best way to learn how to navigate change!

Speaking of change, if you feel unorganized in your kitchen, I'm sharing my kitchen organization with you on the blog today!! My mom is a pro at kitchen organization and there really is a method to the madness when you are moving to a new place and have to navigate and figure out the kitchen to the organization that works best for you in your kitchen! My mom gave me some great tips in our first home on how to organize and what kitchen items you want close to certain kitchen features and appliances.

Everyone is different and everyone each has their own method to the madness in the kitchen, so if you don't agree or don't like my method that's ok! I'd love to hear what you do differently and why - it might make me change my ways! ;)

I consider the sink, dishwasher and oven the three most important aspects of a kitchen when it comes to organizing your cabinets. You need to be aware and intentional when organizing your kitchen cabinets of where the sink, dishwasher, and oven are located so that you can organize accordingly around them.

I always like to put my everyday glasses, plates, mugs and bowls not far from the dishwasher and sink because you will use them daily and have to wash them daily and have to put them up daily, so having them close to the sink and the dishwasher is important. I also like my silverware to be close to the sink and dishwasher as well.

I like for my pots, pans, cooking utensils and bakeware to be close to the oven. I also like to organize all of my kitchen appliances in one place and keep them in lower cabinets so that they are easy to access. I put serving pieces and other speciality dishes and glasses up high as I won't use them as much.

I've made a fun little kitchen map of my kitchen so you can see how I organized in relation to the sink, dishwasher and oven. You can't tell in the picture, but my dishwasher is located next to the sink :).

In some of the other cabinets not pictured that are built into my island I keep specialty serving pieces, dish towels, and rags. I keep plastic plate and cups near or in the pantry and I keep all my foil and plastic wraps near the fridge and pantry as well.

I love having a practical, everyday use, side of my kitchen and a cooking and baking side of my kitchen. So far it has worked really well! The best part about organizing your kitchen is that if you don't like it.... you can start over or switch things around! Mine sure didn't start out like this, I had to switch around a few cabinets/drawers until it really worked well. Now I just have to get my husband acquainted with the kitchen so maybe I'll just print out the picture above and tape it to the fridge for when I am out of town! LOL.

As far as my countertops and what I like to keep out on them I have a coffee side that coordinates with our everyday dishes, including coffee mugs and it's great to just be able to reach right above the coffee maker and grab a mug :). My coffee pod supply is running a little low so a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to grab LaVazza coffee pods! I am addicted to having a latte every morning. I wrote a blog post all about my coffee routine, you can read it here!

I organized our knife set, copper kitchen utensils and our copper KitchenAid Mixer on our baking and cooking side. I've always wanted a kitchen with copper accents and I am loving the way all of our copper kitchen items and decor pull together nicely in our new home!

How do you guys like to organize your kitchens and cabinets? Im curious to hear your thoughts! Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!


Stephanie Grace Benton

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