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March 10, 2017

Hey friends!


With our home sale in Texas behind us and the daunting task of searching for homes in Arkansas before us I thought it would be fun to share a little bit into our home selling experience! 




Let me preface this post with how important hiring a realtor is... ESPECIALLY for your home sale.  Our realtor, Andrea Cusey, handled everything from start to finish and walked us through important decisions!  Realtor's have the inside knowledge of how the real estate market currently is and can give you valuable advice to prepare for your home sale.  Now that doesn't mean that you don't have to put in some work.  If you want to sell quickly, and for your optimal sales price, you need to get your home in order.  I tried to have our home mostly in order before we contacted our realtor, they can get you on the market pretty fast but you'll need to have your home ready prior to having it professionally photographed.


The goal of home staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money!  Home staging goes way beyond just decorating and cleaning up your home.  You have to try and envision what potential buyers are going to want to see and like about your home. It can be hard to retrain your brain in that thinking when you are talking about a space that you've spent making YOUR home, with family pictures, your decor, etc.  You almost have to think as if you are undoing all the personal touches - which can be kind of sad, but also fun! :)  When I was finished with the process I really loved the final outcome!  Our house felt less cluttered, more open, and gave it that sharp and clean look and feel that we needed! 


So where did I start? Well I'd say the entire process could be summed up into these four key areas:



-Remove Unnecessary Furniture

-Deep Cleaning







Ah, de-cluttering.  I don't even really like the word "clutter" because it just gives me all sorts of anxiety! But we all have it.  I honestly spent the first part of prepping just decluttering our home - packing up the items in your house that you use once a year, taking unused items and donating them or packing them away in storage.  Once you think you are done decluttering, go in for another round! Just start in one room and work your way around the house clearing objects off countertops, emptying any drawers, shelves, or closets that might have any objects that take up space or would appear as unpleasing to a buyers eye. 






Remove any pictures or wall hangings that would make your home and space seem more simple and open.  I removed a lot of our wedding photos and personal pictures to make our home more appealing to buyers.  Think about if you were a buyer, you would rather try to envision and see yourself in the home rather than the current homeowners. I also removed quite a bit of the clothing from our closets and cleaned up the items we had stored in our garage.  A great place to hide all of these items from the buyers is in your attic temporarily until you can move everything out.






While this may seem like a challenge - it's a game changer for sure!  It's such a great way to really showcase the space in your home.  You always want your home to show with large, open and function space in every room.  I did this by removing some extra side tables I had placed around the house, I removed some decorative floor vases, and basically just went around the house removing, replacing, and repurposing items that either took up too much space or weren't necessary furniture pieces in our home.






I mean DEEP CLEAN y'all.  I don't care if you clean your house weekly and vacuum all the time, DEEP CLEAN before you get ready to show.  I scrubbed the baseboards, scrubbed all the doors in our house, super cleaned the bathrooms, windows, kitchen, wiped down cabinets etc.  You want it to be spick and span not only to show well, but to save you some time and hassle when it's time for you to move out. Use clean and fresh scented home cleaners.  I would avoid any special fragrances as it can be overwhelming when buyers are touring your home.  It's always best to use a neutral room scent! 






-Add some fresh flowers in the kitchen/living areas.

-Add some potted flowers to the front porch as an inviting gesture

-put out an inviting door mat and wreath



We were so happy that we had put in the extra effort on staging our home - we were only on the market for ONE day before we went under contract!  We had multiple offers and we had a lot of positive feedback on how well the home showed.  


Even if you aren't staging your home to sell - these are great tips on revamping your space or just a good old spring cleaning!


Best of luck and I hope you enjoyed this post.  I'd love to hear from you if you have any additional home staging tips or stories! Comment below! :)




Stephanie Grace Benton

















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