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It's been a hot minute on the blog over here and I'm slowing getting back into the swing of things. It has been a busy and crazy last few months and the blog has just taken a backseat, and I've been perfectly ok with it.

We've been back in Fayetteville for over a year now and we have really been enjoying our home! It takes time to get your home fully "put together" but then again are you every really finished?? I like to think that it's always good to have a few little projects going on that keep you creative around the home.

We spend a majority of our time at home in the living room, the kitchen, and our master bedroom. I really wanted our master bedroom to feel like a retreat. Especially when we come home during the week and just want to relax. I've never slept better after getting the room fixed up and I try hard to keep it clean all the time.

The bed is probably my favorite part of the room. Collin's uncle, Jay, makes the most beautiful custom furniture and he gifted us a beautiful king-sized headboard and footboard as a wedding gift. It took us a few years to upgrade to a king-sized bed and we are so excited to finally have the bed all put together!

My mother-in-law is so talented with giving old furniture new life. Our side tables were originally my parents a long time ago and they gifted to Collin and I for our first home. My MIL repainted them a creamy distressed white to match the dresser that she painted for us.

We have some great wall space in our bedroom and I've started us a gallery wall. I'd love to add a few more pieces to each side to take full advantage of the wall space but I love where we've started. We have a beautiful old window that anchors the middle. I'm looking for ideas to add to the window, I am thinking of maybe doing pressed florals in each pane or hanging a boxwood hedge wreath in the middle. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments below!

I love our creamy white bedding from Target, it's a gauzy, cozy, comforter and keeps us warm while still feeling light. I paired this with three light blue pom pom euro pillows and two oblong light pink wool knit pillows. I incorporated a neutral grey with two square pillows and they tie in perfect with the silver/grey mirrors and silver/grey lamps on each side of the bed. I really loved the idea of having mirrors above each bedside table. It brings in more reflective light from the lamps and windows and makes the space feel bigger.

I'm also looking for three small round boxwood hedge wreaths or three small round mirrors to hang above the headboard.



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